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MIS is a leading company in its field with the experience of thirty eight years.

From small-scaled refineries to considerably big municipal water and wastewater treatment systems, MIS achieved great success worldwide.

MISi which is a global manufacturer, supplier, and developer of innovative systems, value added technologies, and services for optimising production processes and safely purifying the environment. In addition to the construction of treatment plants, following the latest techniques, MIS continues to develop projects and products for Odor Control Systems with Ozone and Bio-Media, Mass distribution, Reverse Osmosis, sea water, brackish water and wastewater treatment with Membrane filters, sludge dewatering, drying etc.

Our company-specific systems for dewatering, drying, using solar and wind energy are used not only in treatment plants but also in food, textile, concentrating facilities and laboratory systems.

We have developed projects in the fields of energy generation, using renewable energy resources, distributed energy systems, salt electrolysis, integrated systems and distributed energy units.

Villas built by Beta-Mis are converted into the most suitable design for earthquake conditions and they are made with steel carcass, watermark flooring, curtain wall systems.

We also offer the installation and operation of solar-powered photovoltaic systems for sites and hotels.

Our company is rightly proud of its world-renowned chrome concentrate facilities . It has announced its name with its 2 and 3 layered hanging shaking tables developed by our R&D department, which provide significant improvements in mineral processing.

Our company references include coal drying, crushing milling, incineration systems, coal sampling systems, fully automatic concrete preparing, and factory band systems

We are always at your side to meet your needs with an organization that uses service technology and product quality support jointly and intelligently, following global technical resources and they all have the same level of importance for us.

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