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Our company has been following the technical developments in the world for 48 years, doing R&D works in all the subjects it has been working on, manufacturing machines, developing innovative systems and applications, making great contributions to Turkish industry and manufacturing sector by using the latest techniques in every industrial enterprise.

The most important issue for our company is to make a difference in engineering studies. For this purpose, the company is addressing the technical problems with the principles of Creative Problem Solving Theory (TRIZ *) and has been successful in this.

Primary solutions that will make a difference;
  • The carbon cycle in the world is losing balance with the use of fossil fuels and the excessive increase in carbon dioxide through humans. Our company produces technical solutions to fix this.
  • The use of wood as an economical fuel with the development of pelleting systems, economic heavy metal recovery by adding low calorie coals or wood chips to the ore as a reducing agent and pelletizing.
  • Energy integrated steel houses production that meets the electricity and heat needs of a house with solar energy. Self-contained house projects with garden, single or two-story solutions in residential planning.
  • With the pyrometallurgical method of metal recovery, the production of acid from sulfur dioxide and the production of microalgae to produce air, water, no hazardous waste to the soil, as well as to create a much more economical solution than today's systems. (To eliminate cyanide leaching in gold production)
  • Developing new techniques for enriching the remaining ore in very fine ore enrichment wastes and obtaining other metals that can be obtained.
  • Production of high quality organic fertilizers as well as economic biogas production by integration of animal feces and biofuels under anaerobic conditions and integration with worm breeding.
  • High quality fertilizer production with microorganism integration, instead of using lignite coal and turbo as fuel.
  • With the project named "Integrated solutions to the problems encountered in the evaluation of saline water", supported by Tubitak, saline water reverse osmosis wastes are made by integration of FV-Salt electrolysis and the use of salt water in fish farming, as well as the drinking water supply from salty spring water (Ekinambarı-Bodrum).
  • Economical production technique of heavy water with a new system.
  • Developing and testing the original theory of the case, which has entered into literature as Cold Fusion.
  • Renewable energy sources are not merely sun and wind. Other sources in nature, such as the effect of osmosis, the electromagnetic field of the world, evaluating cell potential differences of the elements are also studied.
  • Another objective of our company is to establish an R&D center in Bodrum where researchers in Turkey can make innovative works free of charge.
Ideal design is the goal and we are constantly working towards this goal.

As MIS, we are always at your side to meet your needs with an organization that uses global technical resources and service and product quality support, together and wisely.

*TRIZ is a theory, created and introduced to the world by the Russian engineer Genrich Altshuller.

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