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MIS Makina, MIS Industry

Our company was founded in 1971, under the name of ETA Unlimited Co. and started working on complete factory establishments and construction works.

In 1979 our company was renamed as BETA Limited Co. In the course of time, in addition to construction works, our machinery production department was also developed and we continued to work by taking the title of MIS Industry.

Our company has made great contributions to the industry by making system and machine manufacturing and applications in general, together with R & D studies in the following subjects:

  • Water, Wastewater Treatment Plants, mechanical equipment manufacturing and systems

  • Waste and wastewater recovery and control systems

  • Waste and wash water recovery from mixers and concrete pumps in concrete plants
  • Evaluation of waste and waste water recovery in mining enrichment facilities
  • Sea water treatment, heavy water, salt extraction and integration works with photovoltaic energy systems.
  • Obtaining fuel and biogas from garden waste and wood shavings.

  • Drying, crushing grinding, combustion systems, coal sampling systems, fully automatic concrete plants, factory band systems:

  • Mineral Processing Plants:

Our company is rightly proud of its world-renowned chrome concentrate facilities . It has announced its name with its 2 and 3 layered hanging shaking tables developed by our R&D department, which provide significant improvements in mineral processing.

With the system developed by our company in 2009-2010, heavy metals with 90% amount of yield can be taken from very thin (less than 74 micron) millrun containing heavy metal, Our company, with the revolutionary nature of this invention and without using cyanide and acid was succesful in mineral processing that does not create environmental pollution. Electricity can be supplied to production facilites with the produced sulfuric acid and hydochloric acid by Stirling Machine integration. The Stirling machine part of the system that can supply electricity to the interconnected system is at the stage of prototype production.

  • Distributed Energy Systems and Automation:

Our company have developed projects in construction, renewable energy sources, projects for the application of distributed energy systems to houses, hotels and boats, purification of saline waters, integrated systems with salt electrolysis and energy production to supply distributed energy units. The first R & D works of the systems were carried out in a 15x10.5 meter catamaran, manufactured by our company in 2007-2009, and has been continued with the project named "Integrated solutions to the problems encountered in the evaluation of saline waters" supported by Tubitak, and it has come to the commercial product stage.

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