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MIS Makina, MIS Industry

Our company was founded in 1971 under the name of ETA Unlimited Co. Initially focused on complete factory establishments and steel construction works, the company later adopted the name BETA Limited Co. in 1979.

Throughout the years, our company has diversified its scope, expanding into various fields, including machine and system installations, in addition to construction projects. Eventually, we transitioned to the title of MIS Industry.

Over our 49 years in business, MIS has developed and implemented systems in the following domains:

  • Mineral processing and metal recovery systems:
  • Enrichment systems for Chromite, Gold and Copper, Silver, Zinc, Lead, Iron oxides
  • Recovery from very fine ore enrichment wastes. (Fortification of 100-5 micron wastes with the MIS Concentrator system)
  • Cyanide free, Gold recovery system using the MIS RHF melting system
  • Renewable Energy Systems:
  • Installation of photovoltaic batteries with minimal investment, suitable for direct use in electrolysis
  • Hydrogen production through an integrated electrolysis system, with hydrogen storage for daily needs and electricity generation through fuel cells and solar power
  • Innovative solar energy applications at 20-26 degrees using phase-changing materials for heating homes and workplaces
  • Pelletizing systems:
  • Pelletizing system for clay production
  • Systems for pelletizing fertilizer, plant nutrition, protection materials
  • Wood Pellet, fuel production system.
  • Ore and Carbon Mix Pelletisation Systems for Ore Reduction
  • Organic waste recovery systems:
  • Anaerobic treatment and biogas production system, with bottom-up flow fermenter
  • Biogas and fertilizer production from animal feces and bio waste, including integration with worm production
  • Drinking water production via reverse osmosis, and fish/mussel cultivation using facility-generated saline waste.
  • Biodiesel systems:
  • Micro algae production with furnace systems waste flue gases, yielding animal feed and biodiesel
  • Biodiesel production integrated with canola cultivation.
  • Water treatment systems:
  • Production of reverse osmosis systems
  • Water pre-treatment and pumping systems production
  • Waste and wastewater treatment systems:
  • Aerobic classical treatment systems
  • Micro and ultrafiltration treatment systems
  • Membrane Bioreactor Systems
  • Solid waste fermentation by digestion
  • Odor Control Systems:
  • Odor control with ozone
  • Biofiltration-based odor control
  • Chemical and activated carbon odor control
  • Process water recovery systems:
  • Classic thickening, precipitation system
  • Ultra filter system
  • Steel Buildings:
  • Light steel construction standard buildings with composite wall, deck, and roofing elements
  • Innovative bolt construction, disassemblable industrial plant buildings suitable for large elevations and openings
  • Mobile system-installed containers
  • Concrete plants:
  • Concrete Batching Plants
  • Concrete pumps
  • Mobile Concrete Mixers
  • Distributed Energy Systems and Automation:
  • Projects integrating distributed energy systems in residential, hotel, and marine settings
  • Purification of saline waters, energy production using integrated salt electrolysis
  • Initial R&D in a 15x10.5 meter catamaran (2007-2009), followed by the Tubitak-supported project "Integrated solutions to the problems encountered in the evaluation of saline waters"

Technical challenges are addressed using the Creative Problem Solving Theory (TRIZ), introduced by Russian engineer Genrich Altshuller.

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